You never know what can happen when you snap back into consiousness. All of a sudden, the entire world snaps into place as the dream state that you were in shifts out of focus. I wish I understood the process between conciousness and unconciousness better... of course, I don't think there's anyone who really understands it all that well anyway.

Onto the daily grid. Monitor for our dual p4 arrived, but no box yet. Unfortunatly, it's going to need to be returned... oh well. Got some of the broken nmr data to work, but some of the fids are tweaked, and they won't transfer onto our machine... I'll have to talk to Dan about that.

Heard about MCP-1 and it's interaction with IL-8 in a talk today. Quite interesting... I need to do some more background reading in this area before I'm ready to make a statement about it.. but the research that was presented definetly looks promising. More work on GM's system, and took care of a few minor things on my systems. I'll have to do some more work on GM later.

I'll probably also update my reading list with the things that I've read in the past few days... kind of interesting...