Worked on my references application again, went ot the lab and finished up the figures that were messed up. Ended up not being able to make the NMR figures, but that's not a big deal.

Came home, and had chorizo, and did some more work on the references, porting the sgml part to perl, then went to coffee depot and read some more about MarKov Chains and MonteCarlo simulations. Looking more and more interesting, but I'll have to see exactly how people are applying it to literature mining, as I'm not deep enough into the field to grok that aspect of it.

Back home, got the wheel working on, and put up some stuff there [], not exactly exciting, but at least the reviewers can check the figures and the source code when they go over the paper.

Then I spent some time trying to get mutt to work well with my setup, but unfortunatly, I've become way to entrenched in using pine to switch really easily to a new MUA. Once I figure out the folder filtering commands so I can actually wade through my e-mails, I'll probably begin to switch from pine to mutt, but I dind't have enough time to figure out the mbox-hook.

Well, it's late, and time to go to sleep. Got lots of stuff to deal with tomorrow when I wake up. (Ooo... exciting...)