This winter just seems to want to keep right on going. Today there was about 3 inches of snow, which still seems to be falling even though it's almost 2A EDT. My car and the entire parking lot outside of the Eastman Dental Building was completely covered, as you can see to the left. This, added onto the nice bit of ice stormage over the weekend which cut of power to a large number of people, including Raphael and his family in Brighton. Oh well. I'd much rather have snow than an ice storm. [But I think I'm going to have to spend some serious time on the beach in FL or CA when I get back to thaw out a bit. Brrrr.]

In other interesting bits, it seems that the Oakland police department has decided that it would be a great Public Relations move to fire upon relatively non-violent anti-war protesters who decided to protest APL, a shiping company that supposedly is a major DoD shipper. Regardless of whether you agree with the protesters or not, the usage of force against relatively non-violent protesters should not be tolerated in any city. The right to air one's grievances in a public maner is one of the liberties which all Americans hold dear, and must not be taken away by force or threat of force in all but the most dire circumstances. Frankly, I'm not quite sure how 1000 protesters who may or may not have been keeping longshoremen from work is a "dire circumstance" requiring much more than a police presence to make sure that the protesters refain from vandalizing property and avoid liability from not responding.