Went to the monthly CMDB lunch right after I woke up, heard about Dr. Hyman's small project on mitochondrial dna recombination, and how a bit of serindipity and knowledge allowed him to bring down a bit of dogma.

Then I spent some time freeze thawing the NMR sample before running it and wandering back home. After that, I sat and read some more work on natural language parsing, before going over to Angela's to go to club blue and free thinking.

I haven't been to club blue before, and it was pretty decent, a nice location so long as either the doors are open or the air conditioning is on high (which it seemed not to be... quite annoying). Pretty decent set by Juan Nunez, a good set by Little Chris, followed by Metro Area, which was rather awesome. Unfortunatly, I'm not as fond of Doc Martin's style (tends to get a bit to hard for me) so I wandered across the street to free thinking for a bit before 2 and then heading back home. Interestingly, at free thinking, I was once again reminded of how rude guys can be... angela was bothered by a complete idiot who, for whatever reason, thought she would be interested in someone who didn't have the comon courtesy to introduce themselves without trying to touch. Luckily, that happens rarely... (and girls don't do that to me, ever...)