Went to the lab to do some more work on the gene array analysis. Also, preparing to get stuff ready for the PKC experiment tomorrow. I've finished one of the possible methods of analysis, but I need to examine the process mroe carefully and see exactly what is going on and decide if I like it or not.

Tried to check out some more books from, and returned others to, the library today. Unforunatly, one of the books that I wanted was missing. (I've got about 5-7 books on hold that are missing that the shelf searchers are looking for. Hopefully the will be found.)

Gave Angela back the cd that I had copied from angela (and got stuck in my G4 when it didn't powerdown after copying the cd for some unknown reason. She'll give them to angela on friday I gather.

Going to take care of some more reading before I enter the dream realm for some glorious sleep.