Went to randy's party at randy's parents house in Bel Air. Really nice house. His parents definetly did a good job remodelling it from how it originally looked. Paul and sophie are heading up north to visit with paul's parents, and they wandered around behind me as I forgot where pinks was looking for somewhere to eat after the party.

I really should learn how to drive around LA. (Which is sad, because I never really didn't know where I was, I just forgot where other things were...)

Before wandering into LA, I helped paul get [http://www.gnome.org|gdm] configured on his box. The symlink for his X server wasn't set right. (Not quite sure how debian screwed that one up, but whatever...) Also played for a bit with installing various neat toys, like some of the opengl servers. I'll have to get acceleration working on my multi-head display. Right now, no 3d is accelerated, which sort of sucks.

More work on a gift. Hopefully it will turn out ok.