Went to GNT240 in the morning, took care of some more work on a perl script to display the output from affymetrix datafiles and link them to ncbi's website, before angela called me and asked me to go with her to south coast plaza to pick up foundation.

Always eager to do just about anything, I wandered with her down to SCP, and we went looking through Saks 5th Avenue, and then macy's looking for her foundation. Lukily, she found it (and they actually had the right color). It still amazes me that virtually a whole floor of most department stores is completely devoted to displaying cosmetics. A whole section of a store devoted to a product that I know almost nothing about. Obviousy people spend an awfull lot of money on it though...

After that, ate dinner at wahoo's fish tacos (and I had a burrito), shopped for a bit at border's where I tried to find a copy in good condition of Tolkein's History of Middle Earth vol.1-13, but ended up getting Card's Shadow of the Hedgemon (which had finally come out in paperback). Card is one of the authors that I love to read, but his style isn't quite refined enough for me to justify spending $30 on a hardcover book when it first comes out.

Once I wandered home, I thougt I would go to sleep, but no... I spent the entire night reading SotH. It was decent, but not as good as I was hopeing. Some of the dialog between the characters left a bit to be desired, and the psychological aspects of the main characters, petra and bean, were not as well explored as I would have liked. Of course, I got hooked on the whole ender's series a long time ago, so I had no choice but to read every new book in the series. Maybe I'll write more about it later.