Went to class this morning and learned about the edit algorithm for sequence alignment, and rehashed some of the dynamic programming paradigm (which I am relatively familiar with, but haven't used before). After cleass I sat about in the commons area eating lunch and playing on the 802.11 network.

After lunch I went out to LA to see the preliminary fashion show of angela's (and her clasemates) work, and some of it was really impressive. I have some pictures up (not very many, and they're not verry good) at [http://gallery.donarmstrong.com/angela_fashionshow/].

After the show we went to the formosa hotel which is a pretty cool little place that from the outside doesn't look like much, but inside is quite amazing. Obviously someone with a clue did the interior decorating and design, as it has a cool mediteranian feel, and lots of neat little areas spread through out the lobby.

After that we went to see a play that angela's boyfriend mike was acting in. A series of one act vignettes based on a set of two words drawn from a hat and written in 12 hours performed, and then later revisited and adjusted, some of them were quite fabulous. It's called [http://www.sacredfools.org/DarkNights/02/SlowAndTight/|Slow & Tight], and I highly recommend that people go check it out. It's playing at [http://www.sacredfools.org/SacredFools] for most of this month.