Well, normally I try to make my entries before I go to bed, but as it looks like I'm not going to bother with sleeping this morning, I'll write what I did today now.

I did just about nothing today. Yep. That's it. Well, not quite. Did some work on the grand marc system, talked with a ton of people online. Went with paul to the mall on a mission that will be discused later, and saw aaron there, who I haven't talked with in a while. Got discusted at the prices for TriGun and Escaflowne ($30 for 4 episodes!!!!). I also tried to clean up my room, and got partway through with it. I'll probably clean up the rest of it in just a bit.

Also looked for a harddrive for this machine, which is getting ready to go belly up. (Either that, or the kernel version that it is running isn't very happy...) Talked with a brazilian on line, who showed me to a [http://www.rmc.eti.br/hobbies/fotografia/rmc_praias.htm|picture collection] of some interesting pictures of what I guess is his hometown. (Sorry, I don't have any nice pictures of riverside around, alhtough there is a nice picture of a riverside firehydrant in my bathroom...)

Um yeah. Going to be taking paul and sophie to the airport in about 3 hours, which should be fun. (Or at least, they'll have fun when they get where they're going... orlando florida...;-)