Well, looks like another day has gone by. Thousands of undergrads are finishing off their finals, hoping to pass classes and not get failed out of the university. I wish them loads of luck.

For myself, I spent the day (well, it was about sunset before I got up, but whatever) working on my reference system, and I finally got links working (well, I should say that I finally got around to getting links working) inside of the diary generation script, which I should probably post once I actually get around to it. (Or maybe I already [http://www.donarmstrong.com/inprogress/diary/diary.html|did]. ) Of course, I haven't posted the version with the working links. I'll do that later.

Finally visited [http://wilwheaton.net/|wil wheaton dot net] tonight. Looks like he likes cake alot. I'll probably have to listen in on them so I can see what they're all about. I'm kind of behind on my music listening as of right now.

Also talked with blakem on [http://www.perlmonks.org|perl monks]. He's doing well, and is going to make a trip down to SD from SF. Told him about the harbor house cafe and some of the other places on PCH. (But I'm always wary of recommending places to go, because I'm never sure of people's tastes... and I like some pretty bizare things...) Also told me about [http://www.perldoc.com/cpan/Parallel/ForkManager.html|Fork Manager] which I'm going to use to speed up the SGML queries to pubmed which currently are sucky sloow. (I don't really understand why it takes them 10 seconds or more to generate a simple sgml query using a uid that should be in their table index. Even if they have 100 million, that lookup shouldn't take more than 32 comparisons...)

Contemplating a coffee table based on a fibonacci sequence for the living room. Probably go to HB or LA tomorrow and look at some wood to make it. (Possibly spar lumber in long beach, as it has really good wood selection, but unfortunatly, doesn't always have larger pieces... and I'm not sure if I can afford a 3.5'x5' piece of maple or walnut.. nor would I do what I'm thinking of doing to such a nice piece of wood...)