Well, lately I have been neglecting to fill out my diary entries, so I guess I'll start again now. Today I managed to fix the broken tub faucet in the rear bathroom that had been leaking water like a seive for the past few days, and had been causing problems for a few months. It turned out that the valve seat had a [http://gallery.5045kensington.com/faucet_repair/new_set_broken_seat2.jpg|large chunk] taken out of it. With the correct [http://gallery.5045kensington.com/faucet_repair/old_seat_stem_and_tool.jpg|tool], the replacement proceeded without incident. Now the house is strangely quiet without that anoying noise of running water.

I also am contining to do more and more research into natural language parsing for multiple different projects that I am interested in. Of course, as is usual, it's difficult to get involved in a new field, but I'll figure it out soon.

I was kind of planning on going to release tonight, but I never ended up making it there. Hopefully I'll go to moontribe ttomorrow, but I might end up staying in riverside and doing some more reading.