Well, I'm another year older today. Paul, Sophie, Wendy, Brian and Randy all went out with me to go Dimm Summing in Rowland Heights for lunch, and it was quite fun. I'll have to do it again soon.

After lunch, we grabbed milk tea at lollicup, and then wandered back to riverside, where I sat at home for a while and watched the superbowl. Not quite sure what happened, as I can't ever remember the super bowl being this late in the year, but it was on my birthday. A semi-decent game, with the Rams loosing after tying it up to a last second field goal. While football isn't my favorite sport (it's too slow for me) it was still kind of fun to sit and watch.

After the game, I went to huntington beach to eat dinner with my parents at the macaroni bar and grill. I had a pretty decent crepe plate with samon, shrimp, scallops, muscles, and a minced/pureed tomato based cream sauce. Quite good. (Followed of course by tier missu, one of the deserts that I absolutely adore.)

They gave me a ryobi cordless drill/circular saw set, which will be extreemly usefull when I start to take care of getting the upstairs renovated (hopefully soon). I was going to try it out by installing the paper towel holder that I've had for quite some time, but I realized (lukily) that the screws that came with it were too long for the cabinet that I was going to stick it in, and would have gone all of the way through. So soon, I'll have to stop by home depot and pick up some slightly shorter stainless round head screws (probably 1/2" #4's or similar if I remember correctly).

Now it's time for sleep, glorious sleep.