Took my final today (yeay!) and seemed to do ok. Always difficult to take tests because they are always under sub-optimal conditions where you rarely have enough time and enough information. We'll see where my effort lets me end up.

Did more work with Z on the NMR paper, got felix working, and dePaked some spectra. Looking good on that front. Discussed some other stuff, and listened to Dr. Franci Sladek present research on HNRF-4a iirc... interesting presentation, would have been more usefull if I could stay focused... I was thinking about the aplications of Markov Chains to literature mining, and haven't slept much recently, which isn't good for concentrating on a talk outside of your area.

More spectra processing and coffee, and then got the SGML search feature in my reference system to work with pubmed. Going to need some more work, but at least I found the information that was missing earlier.