Took care of getting my room semi clean, went and picked up some food from ralph's so I could eat. Also went to walmart (the 24 hour one) and picked up some containers, a gift for randy's party, a paper towel holder, and a set of beer glasses. Tried to find wine glasses, but for some reason, they were totally out of plan, normal, boring red wine glasses. (Either that, or they didn't know that people should want to buy such things...)

More work done on the reference system, going to put the links into it soon so you can upload files, or link out to them. Also have to update the parsing routines there, so you can link to entries on other papers from within the note system.

Will spend the next bit of time before I go to bed trying to figure out how to implement this knowlede base system that I keep envisioning inside of my head.

I'll also have to do some work on the table that I have planned for the front room. Hopefully I'll get it finished in the near future.