Today I supervised the making of samples for the same PKC assay that we've been running for a while. For some strange reason, DO has not been cooperating with us at all, but hopefully now it will. At least that's the general idea.

Attended GNT240 again, but unfortunatly, I lost a contact out of my good eye, and was for all intents and purposes, blind for the entire class. Luckily, Mark was nice enough to bring a set of contacts from home to me at school so I could see and continue my marathon day.

I spent most of the rest of the day analysing the corralation between ApoeE types and genes of Alzheimer samples. Some interesting results, all of which will need to be verified using functional assays, of course, but still interesting never the less.

The rest of the time I spent working on my reference system, which now correctly allows for the inclusion of latex math formulas (well, actually, just about any latex formating) straight in the middle of normal html in the note section, which is extreemly usefull. [I can't stand complex formulae that are not formatted and typeset correctly... it makes them much more ugly, and extreemly dificult to understand.]

Then home, and hopefully sleep will come to me again.