There are some things that, in my quest to obtain knowledge, I have foolishly left unlearned, or unknown, because at the time I judged them to be less important, or knowledge that was beneath me. Odd, that for almost every single one of those things, it's knowledge that I now wish I had within me. Things that almost everyone else knows and can deal with automatically, sort of a requisite for being human fail me, and I'm only able to deal with them in the most artificial, shallow manner possible, because these things haven't been learned yet by experience... Too much stuff to know... Sometimes I trade my humanity for "knowing" more things that are in the end trivial. But such is my lot in life.

Hopefully I'll begin to learn and experience these things that up to this point I've been missing. But each and every moment is sacred... a moment never to be returned to again.

I wandered out to LA with angela to visit angela and go to deep. However, richard (who was spinning at deep) forgot to put angela on the guest list, so we were relegated to trying to get ahold of him whilst he was spinning, and failed. Eventually, we wandered back to angela's appartment, and watched part of human traffic before milan came over, and we wandered back to rside. Somewhere in the midst of our adventure, we ate at one of the thousands of Los Burritos spread throughout Los Angeles. (This one was near the corner of Hollywood and Wilcox...)