Just wandered though a rather wierd bout of freezing rain. I think freezing rain is my current least favorite form of weather, due mainly to the thick layers of ice it deposits upon every surface. Much, much more nasty than snow, and wet to boot.

Been extreemly busy doing all sorts of random things here and there. I cut the first part of a CD with Chyna and Marcus, which we are currently planning on calling 3 Dimensions: x,y & z. I still haven't heard the final mastered cut, (as it's still in production) but I'm assured that it's pretty decent. [Yes, I know I need to get unlazy and cut a demo of my own. I'll get around to it eventually.]

Stuff is, as expected, going to pot in Iraq. Not too terribly happy with the direction that the war has taken, but of course, I was unhappy with the absolute total lack of planning and direction comming from the current administration before we undertook this rather slipshod operation. Since the start, my dissapointment has been growing geometrically. When will the US learn that it's HumInt capability is the laughing stock of developed nations? Granted, our ElInt is (in general) top notch, but not everyone is stupid enough to send vital messages in the clear, or use cell phones. (Yes, my GnuPG key is available at [http://pgp.mit.edu|pgp.mit.edu])