The boundary between reality and fantasy is constantly bluring, like the boundary between madness and sanity. Keeping them straight is the war, and sometimes I'm loosing. Perhaps it's because I can imagine very easily what I am reading in the same technicolor splendor as real life would have. Dreams and waking dreams hold the same measure of sway.

I'm once again reading at a prodigious rate. Something on the order of 3 books a week, while taking care of doing some of the other things that I should be doing. I'm currently working on Lord Foul's Bane, the first book of the Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever series. Fairly decent. Hopefully the language in the story will end up being better described (although quite a large percentage of it smells like thinly vieled quenya.)

I ended up picking up some shirts at a thrift store today, trying to find some interesting clothing to wear. Don't think I'll actually make it to the truely intersting stuff, but I can try. (I'm probably just going to have to start making my own clothes... of course, then my madness in design will begin to show outwardly.)

I probably should also bother to get my scanner set up and working on the linux box again, now that I actually have enough space to have it setup somewhere under my desk. Hopefully it still works.

Anyway, off to sleep before I wander to HB tomorrow to finish working on my table and complete the test grading that I need to do. Hopefully the table will be in a completed enough state to bring back to riverside on sunday (or late saturday.)