Spent most of today working on stuff in my lab, and an assignment for GNT 240a. I'm probably spending more time on the assignment than I should, but that's not really anything new. (If I'm interesting in learning something for a class, I tend to do much more work than is absolutely required. Course, I'm not really interested in the grade I get, I'm more interested in learning the information as thoroughly as possible.)

Also listened to some of the mSTART talks today, learned abit about Vitamin D and PKI and it's interaction with drips. Then heard some more about ABCA-1 and it's transcriptional regulation by LDL and cholesterol, but unfortunatly, very little about the function of ABCA-1 and the effect of downregulation of it on the cell and physiology of vascular system as a whole. (Just recently became interested in ABCA-1 for a reason that I will probably get into later.)

Hung out with paul and brian a bit at starbucks (after talking with Z for a bit about religion and the old testament). Brian has picked up a nice new BMW 325i from 1993, that is nearly immaculate (although it has 160K miles on it or so).

Then back home for more work, and sleep.