Spent most of today in class, getting PMS to work quickly in lothian, dealing with a bug in the registration scripts, eating at Albertos, studying for biochem, etc. PMS was using nfsv2, now it's using nfsv3 for speed, had to hack the kernel (ha. One line change) to make the default nfsv3 instead of nfsv2. Also got dhcp determined nfs root to work properly. (Before it was all through the command line). The registration scripts were erroneously allowing users who were overbandwidth to reregister. I closed that bug. (A value that I thought had been set hadn't, and I was using it instead of the value returned from the query. Ooops). Albertos seems to always be out of chorizo when I go there. Beginning to think that I'm the only person who likes it. Had an average (for Albertos) carne asada instead. Spent a bit of time working on my resume. Gotta find myself a job for the summer.