I just got back this evening from a pretty dang nice time at Metro where Jen (Dove) was singing on top of Jerry's (Mighty) set. Pretty nice.atmosphere at an awesome location, although the drinks are a bit pricey.

This morning I was rudely reminded why it's a good thing I don't own any conventional or non-conventional weapons. For some reason, some high school band took it upon themselves to warmup for their performance at the [http://www.lilacfestival.com/|Lilac festival] right in front of my aparment at 9 in the morning. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, for someone who had just gone to sleep at 4 or 5 that morning, waking up to a rather pathetic drumline who is just learning to keep time and can't do anyting more complicated than a sixteenth note, coupled with a bunch of trumpets and horns doing scales badly qualifies as justifiable homicide. There would have been dead bandos littering the streets... but at least I would be able to get back to sleep. [Now, normally, if this were to happen when I have appropriate equipment, I'd just pull out the multi-kW system and play rotterdam or deathcore. Hrm. Deathcore at 9A in the morning is lovely.]

Once I got unhungover from my unholy awakening, I went with Chyna, Dave and Marcus to shoot pictures for an article about the cd that we've recently done in the city magazine (the local throwaway entertainment 'zine.) We took a few interesting shots up and down university near goodman, where there are a few neat benches and sculptures. The pictures turned out reasonably ok.