School started today. Ooo. Exciting.

I wandered into my lab at around noon, and took care of some residual work that needed to be done. (Scd plots, amoungst other things.) After a while I started a sample in the NMR, and the biked home.

Angela and milan came over, and we wandered over to shawn's house (he lives off of central) and chilled there watching cspan. Got to hear Daschle's speech on the republican tax cut. Although he claims that the tax cut is responsible for the economic downturn, and the republicans are claiming that the tax cut is helping to alliviate the tax cut, it sounds to me more like the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Of course, as always, everyone in government is using static models to analyze the budget surplus/deficit. Even 12 months ago, those of us with eyes to see could tell that there was a recession comming, and the landmark surplus would not be there when congressional pundits claimed it would be.

What will become of the economy in the next 6-12 months is far to difficult to state. But we'll definetly here more partisan bickering before this is over.

We also wandered over to the KA house and hung out for a while. I guess a small get together was happening there, and it looked like people were having fun... at least, I think that's what was happening. Then back home, and sleep.