At work today I dealt with the final revisions to a set of figures for the grant that had to be fedex'ed out overnight. Not that big of a deal, but it took some time to make all of the corrections. I then spent the rest of the day dealing with random issues before heading home to pick up records before going to Rocket.

While at rocket, I met matt who was spinning when I walked in the door, along with Jerry who was there and a few other people. It was kind of chill and not particularly crowded until a band arrived at around 8 and began to setup for their set at 9. I closed out at around 8:50 and then helped jerry tear down his setup and brought it back to his place, where we ate dinner. I ended up playing Tom Clancy's current rainbow six style game for a bit, before we headed over to bliss.

At bliss, [|James Revival] was spinning some nice tracks, albiet a little bit harder and more chicago than I like [being a west-coast freak] but definetly banging. A whole bunch of people were there dancing their brains out, which is always good to see, although an even larger population of people were at the bar area away from the dancefloor watering themselves. Can you tell that I prefer people who dance?