As much of the world braces itself for the seemingly imminent resumption of war in the middle east, I went about my business much as I have for the past few weeks. On Tuesday, I ended up spinning at dicky's for a bit, then on Thursday, I played at Greg's house with Raj and Greg.

Friday was slightly more eventful as I ended up eating dinner with my Raphael and his family at their home. After a nice dinner, I went out to Tilt for Bliss, which, as always was fairly good, with James Revival and Al throwing some choice tracks throughout the night. After bliss I ate a late snack with Jerry, Dave and Chyna at some little diner on East and Winton. As all decent diners go, the food was decent, although not high quality.

Saturday got out of control. I spent 6 hours playing pool at Jillians, which is has decent 8ft pool tables, and more importantly, an awesome deal for pool before 6 PM. Yes, yours truly is becoming a pool nut. After that, I hung about for a bit at my apartment reading before heading over to Jerry's pad to run the circuit of parties on Saturday. We started out at Gee's place, and chilled there for a bit (I ran into a few people I've met before) then went to Al's house. The party at Al's was going nicely, and I ended up killing the bottle of champagne that I had brought with me in a little over an hour. Awesome French champagne from St. Hillarne's can't be beaten by anything within it's price range. People at the party were having a good time, getting drunk as usual. Granted, the proclivity towards happy hardcore is not something that I like to hear, but having been through a happy hardcore phase in my own musical journey, I understand.

More importantly than my petty little experiences on Saturday, though, is what quite a few people in the rest of the nation did, protesting the war against Iraq. Granted, a few people out there seem to think that people protesting the war are the equivalent of supports of Saddam, but my troll meter continues to go off scale when I read messages from them.

It's refreshing to see that millions of American citizens and people throughout the globe are willing to take time to make their views publicly known in such a peaceful and powerful manner. Granted, there were some instances of violence, both perpetrated by the police, and instigated by specific blocs of protesters, but by and large people came, marched, rallied, and their views were noted. It almost makes me sad that I wasn't able to participate in the marching on Saturday, being, as I am, out of the major metropolitan areas for the time being.