Picked up paul and sophie from LAX, got to drive like a maniac around LA. I swear, you've got to have half a death wish to drive in LAX on a friday evening around 8. I probably cut off 20 cars,, and I only went from terminal 1 to parking lot 2A (about 300 yards).

After fun in LAX, we stopped at [http://www.dogfriendly.com/server/travel/uscities/pages/Los_Angeles___Hollywood/Restaurant/siterela3.shtml|eat-a-pita ] on fairfax and ate dinner. I love fallafel and hummus. The restaurant was a lot less jumping than it normally is, but it was kind of late, and the night was getting cold.

Then home, more work on my reference system, and time spent washing clothes. I still haven't ironed out my vision, but the reference software is going to be part of it, and it is coming along nicely.