Once in a lifetime, a measure of time that's been spent. Toughts that have come to me, and dwelt within me give pause to me. To do with them naught, I have I.

Not quite sure exactly what I'm supposed to be doing in this life that I have to spend, but I'm trying to figure it out day by day.

I wandered with paul, wendy, and brian to In-N-Out today for a pseudo-breakfast at my lately time rising of 2 pm. Double double animal style and fries well done are a fitting start to just about any day. While we were there, and blabbing about LotR and some of the different invented languages of tolkien, we chance espised a group of teenagers, once could guess they were in High School, wandering, posse like, through the parking lot of In-N-Out.

They tried so hard to exude cool and self-assuredness in their teen-magazine approved fashion, as they hung out like little minurature grownups, well, minurature not in stature but shall we say, minurature in experience. It was kind of odd, harkening back to those experiences of high school that I never really had.

Too bad that we noticed it, and pointed it out. And discussed it. We, our odd group of people, four nerds discussing languages and a completely made up story, passing judgement on a group of teens who apprently didn't know any better. Too bad we couldn't hold up a mirror to ourselves, our posse, exuding the coolness and self-assuredness of our college experience in our starving student approved fashion, hangning out like little grownups, well, littile, not in stuature, but shall we say, little in experience. Quite odd that.

After that bit of introspection, I continued working on a method of analysing microarrays. Since statsitics is not my forte, I'm still doing battle with some of the terminology, but I'm getting there.

Wandered into ralph's later as well to pick up some food so I'll be able to eat throughout the week. (Yes... eating is kind of important to me... at least I guess it is.) At the checkstand, I was once again speaking far too quietly to be overheard... but that's nothing particularly new or exciting.

Anyway, it's late, and there is much work to be done tomorrow. (Well, today, since it's already well past midnight.)