My alarm clock will die.

It's amazing how this civilization runs on such a rigid concept of time. I totally don't fit into it. As you can tell, not much sleep going on here lately. Got samples made in my lab today for PKC assay.

The lab's dual p4 showed up, so that was a great timesuck. It seems to be working pretty well, and I've actually got it setup so I can almost use it do do something or other. Hopefully I'll get to processing the gene array data soon.

Figured out what seems to be happening with the NMR data that seemed to be getting choked by the converter. Probably a fortran library issue or similar, but it works under linux. I'll probably have to play with it some more... ooo joy.

Hopefully I'll get around to updating my reading list. I've read a whole lot of books recently, almost none of which I've bothered to list.... but that will happen one of these days.