I spent the first part of work working on a set of figures that are going to go into a grant. Granted, they're not figures that I've developed the data for, so the figures are in powerpoint, word, and all sorts of other crappy formats. It's no surpise that people can't make their figures in something semi-intelligent like illustrator, and then export the figure into their word processor. Or even better, write like I do, and generate the figures appropriately, and then chuck them into LaTeX, so LaTeX can deal with moving the figures about and labeling them appropriately.

Oh well. They're only biologists, not physisists or mathematicians.

I also took care of my laundry for the first time in a long time, and spent some time checking out some random blogs out in the blogosphere. The [http://tardblog.com/|tard blog] dare I say it, is quite hilarious. It saddens me that the children involved in Riti Sped's stories have such crappy parental involvement, but at lesat the people who are helping to teach them are able to keep their sanity while providing amusement for the rest of us who are just normally retarded.