After reading a few of the articles linked from [|Boing Boing] about people living in [|garbage dumps ne houses], I decided that it was high time to clean out my little studio. No, I'm not living in a moldy environment, but I'm a guy, and I tend to get a bit cluttered.

So 2 trash bags later, I felt much better about the state of my affairs and satisfied that I wasn't one of these people trying to add a literal meaning to the term white trash.

Then I spent some more time reading random things online, including checking out some new pictures on the [|Reverse Cowgirl's Blog] of [|Hollywood Boulevard.] (Susannah Breslin consistently blogs some impressive things, and her appreciation of the oddball nature of Los Angeles is quite refreshing. Reminds me of how much I've been missing LA in the 6 months I've been away.)