Listened to my alarm ring, then rode to campus. It's a good thing that I live so close to campus, otherwise I would never bother to go to my classes at all. I'd just spend all of my time at home in bed dreading moving.

Listened to some discussino on microarrays, heard some more about the spotted microarrays, and some of the technology behind making the microarrays. It still surprises me that some of the photomask techniques from asic and microchip manufacturing aren't being used in in situ synthesis, but maybe that's just too obvious for people to see.

Running NMR samples while making PKC samples, and working on my GNT 240 assignment while doing some microarray analysis and NMR figure preparation on the side. Got to love my life.

Wandered out with Z to P.H. Woods and ate dinner there, ran into Aaron while I was there. (Had a pretty decent heffewiesen... I'm partial to wiess beer.) Then wandered back home and fixed the dining room table with my new ryobi cordless drill before going out with paul to starcrack.

Then more work on GNT240 and finishing up the NMR samples before sleep.