Lets see, I ended up spending some time driving about riverside today, getting my car's oil changed, picking up a socket set to try to fix the leaky tub spigot in the back bathroom, and some thrift store shopping at the salvation army, where I picked up a really neat 70's overcoat type thingie.

Then I wandered out to LA to hang out with Seth and Chris who had just come down from SF to meet with some companies. Chilled at Baja Fresh, and the coffee shop in the Virgin Megastore plaza on sunset. Drank some 40's and played foosball with chris and justin (I got worked) at Justin's house.

Then off to release (which is at atlas now) to hear Dj. Collette. Mmmm... A string of great tracks got layed down for most of the night, kept me moving until 2 or so. Only 2-3 questionable tracks the whole night, most decent, and a couple that were pretty banging. None that were absolutely incredible, but still, the quality was definetly there. Angela was also there (C). In retrospect, I probably should have called her to see what she was up to, but I suspected that she was busy with school.

An aweseome time, nevertheless. Then I drove the long, boring drive back to riverside, for sleep, and another day of madness.