Let's see... went to the last Bio200a class before the final on tuesday. Learned about protein chip mass-spec, the last little bit on snares and copII (sec13/31, sec23/24, and sec1). Then I hydrated the NMR samples, attended a talk on trimeric G protiens in fillamentous fungae (N. crassa).

Finished the samples, and got one started, then came home and started to do some reading, finished CH Cheryh's Dreamstone, and kept the NMR samples going, and tried to figure out how to pull XML data from pubmed using only GET requests. (Couldn't figure it out, so I e-mailed their helpdesk.)

Oh yeah... almost forgot. Today when I was riding to campus on my bike, I almost got hit by a car sized tumbleweed. Yerp. There it was comming down canyon crest. I was riding upwind in what must have been gusts to around 30-40mph, and here it came, barreling down the middle of the street in my direction. Lukily, I was far enough along so I was able to avoid it by speeding up a bit, but it ended up carreeming into the sidewalk/curb about 5 feet behind me. It probably wouldn't have hurt to much to be hit by it, but it definetly would have been embarrassing to be riding down the street with a gigantic tumbleweed attached to you.