Since I seem to be using a keyboard now more than ever before, I started to get slightly worried about the type of keyboard that I've been using (Ye olde standard plank). To that end, I've been looking around at the various different styles of ergonomic keyboards out there, of which the nicest seemed to be the data hand series, and settled on the Kinesis Ergo Advantage Pro.

While it means that I'll be able to continue typing for a lot longer, it also means that I've had to spend the past few days learning how to type all over again. (For someone who normally types well over 80wpm with few errors, it's quite frustrating.) I've mapped the shift key to the foot pedal that comes with the machine, and have moved a few of the other keys around, so hopefully I'll be able to figure it out well enough to type at at least half of my original speed. (Although it's likely that within a bit I'll even surpass that.)