Discussed the new labelling methodoloyg with the scientific meeting at socratech way early this morning (well, early for me anyway). They seemed to like the concept, so it looks like we'll be able to roll it out, assuming we can get budgetary approval of the label printer. Have I mentioned yet that I hate justifying fundage? Just show me the money already!

I then spent the rest of the day at working alternating between trying to get GO Ontology's perl API to work and reading papers on Cholesterol and NMR. For some reason, they've coded the thing up like a bunch of twelfth graders. But whatever. It looks like it might become semi-usefull in a bit. Hopefully I'll be able to get that straightened out sometime tomorrow if someone else doesn't try to monopolize my time.

After a bit more reading, I came home and cooked up some chicken while continuing work on the new backend for donarmstrong.com. It's comming along swimingly, although, the diary section (arguably the most complex component) has a bit more work required before I'm ready to roll it on on donarmstrong.com. However, I did manage to get the ELikeUrls filter working in TemplateToolkit, and currently am working on getting the display_month function to be called correctly. [It displays the neat little calendars that everyone has become so used to seeing on my sites.]

I also managed to run across a copy of Design is Kinky, the book that I forgot I was looking for so long ago. But I have yet to order it, because it's from some stone age non-online store. [Well, sorta-online, but with a hard copy order process. I'll probably end up sending them a check in a bit.]

Tomorrow I should be able to get the diary stuff finished up enough to be able to post them on donarmstrong.com so you call can see whatever I've been up to.