I nearly forgot that a few days ago I found an interesting cart floating around in the office, with the text "Property of General Thou Shall Not Steal" in dymo marker. Since I don't work in general, nor general dentistry, I assume that someone had managed to steal this cart somehow anyway. Possibly multiple pictures. And then, the hapless person to whom this cart at one time belonged had the audacity to quote the ten commandments in hopes of shaming some poor fool into returning the cart.

A few minutes later, I had improved the labeling of the cart to fit its current status as an obviously "liberated" piece of equipment. "Thou shalt not steal this cart and get caught." The significance of this change is probably lost on everyone in the office. Oh well.

It also looks like the squirrels that were living in the attic here have finally made their way out, and hopefully I won't be hearing from them again. It also managed to snow pretty heavily today, which was subsequently followed by high winds. Seeing the snow being blowed around reminded me of the dunes that fine sand forms in the desert.