I ended up arriving at around midnight, when LTJ was supposedly going on. Little Chris was doing battle with the system, and trying to keep people interested and on the dancefloor while waiting for LTJ (I don't feel right commenting on Little Chris's set, as I arrived after he was supposed to have stopped playing...). I hadn't been to the factory before, but the venue seemed relatively well setup with a copious dancefloor (save for the kind of anoying drink rail towards the wall).

Unfortunatly, the sound system was absolutely atrocious. One set of subs was stuck directly underneath the stage, and even the flying tables couldn't eliminate the bass feedback. Whoever was (or wasn't) running the sound also seemed to have left one of the stage mics on for part of the night that was ocasionally giving trebble feedback. [Note to anyone who uses that venue. Bring your own system, and your own professional soundpeople... or your own professional soundpeople at the very least.]

Finally, after getting worried that LTJ wasn't going to show up at all, he arrived at 1A... instantly the dancefloor was packed. LTJ dropped some awsome tracks that had me dancing for most of the rest of the evening, although in a couple of places MC Conrad (someone correct me if that wasn't MC Conrad... I don't know him that well) overuse of a delay->echo in his mcing was really anoying and detracted from what both he and LTJ were doing...

All in all, besides the sound system (which became better throughout the night), and the fact that LTJ only was able to play for 2 hours instead of the 3 that I thought he would, I had a relatively good time. (And a damn good time for a thursday night.)