I cannot quite write what I have in my mind to say. Something far to powerful for a language built of mere words. Too powerful to be read and easily understood, or at least, too powerful to be within my feeble grasp of language and writing to be able to express it. In fact, I'm only really aware of its power, and barely glimsp at it's edges, not yet seeing the whole structure in it's entirerity. Perhaps with a period of dreaming, this phantom in my mind will become clear enough for me to verbalize it, or at least begin to convey it's message.

Met with raphael and johana (a grad student who is joining us in the lab), and went to lunch at dragon house. Discussed the bioinformatics core of socratech, and I began to visualize a method of data collection that is quite powerfull, part of which is involved in the powerfull vision that I alluded to earlier.

The heater at [http://www.5045kensington.com|5045 Kensington] got repaired, and is now working reasonable succesfully. I also have been reading Snow Crash in one of my marathon reading sessions. I'll probably finish reading it before I am able to go to sleep.

Hopefully I'll be able to hash out this idea and the visualization/data storage system that I am thinking about when I sleep, and tomorrow, when I go to pick up paul and sophie from the airport.