Hrm. Lets see. The lawn got mowed today... it's absolutely amazing how quickly grass is able to grow. I think I'm going to skip having grass in front of any houses that I design in the future. It doesn't seem to be worth the hassel.

Beyond that, had a fish taco at rubios, and went out to the freethinking two year aniversary (which is kind of odd, because I think I went to one of the first freethinkings.) Collette's set wasn't as good as she was at release. It didn't look like she had gotten in to a stable groove, or was expending too much effort battling the system rather than inducing a flow. Luckily, the night was saved in famous style by an awesome set by Diz, who rarely fails to provide quality music with a flowing story. A couple of tracks were a bid out of touch, and stopped the build throughout the night, but other than that people were dancing and grooving hard.

Talked again with Nick, and met Alecks, who I believe is Zoki's sister, but I'm not sure about that. (I'm totally out of touch with what is going on in that small part of the house scene, since I don't have enough time to go out every week anymore.)

Time read some more LotR, and then sleep.