Had a discussion for bio200a, learned about whatever was talked about. (I'll definetly have to review the talks... think it was something about something or other... my brain is kind of fried.) Then came home and wrote and read and wrote some more.

Ended up wandering into back to the grind... they had a band there called Roxy that was semi-ok. Typical under trained band, crappy PA. The songs sounded like they definetly had potential to be good if they were well produced. (The bassist might have been good, but it sounded like he was content to just chill on the root instead of being slightly inventive, even in the bridge... drummist didn't realize how to switch stick heads to keep the volume at a level were he wouldn't be out competing the singer, but eh... those are all things that get taken care of when you have a semi-decent production crew running your shows... or you become an anal perfectionist audiophile who cringes at the sound of just about every system and band they hear. [Yes... I know, I should just enjoy the music and take a laxative or something...])

Then more reading, more writing, more reading, and more writing. I'm definetly headed for the nut farm.