Got stuff ready to run a PKC assay today. Unfortunatly, the hot atp wasn't ordered until today, so it wont arrive until thursday or so, so I'm not running tomorrow (well, today now).

Did some more work on the ADvsAD control, realized that the Z-test isn't going to work because the SEM is overcompensating for the sample size. (A intersample parwise compare does not directly indicate a sample size of m*n). So I'm either going to go back to the t-tests that I was running or do something else.

I wandered into starbucks and talked with Mitra Abbaspour (art 17C ta from last year) and patrick, who is a english (iirc) masters (or phd) student at UCR. Seem to run into them every now and then... probably would be fun to hang out with them, but I run around in such a different croud.

Randy showed up as well to starbucks, and I finaly gave back his gundam cd's and the infamous RCC picture that I had stolen from him (well, he actually let me borrow them... but not for 3 years).

Then more reading and glorious sleep.