Rather interesting week. I probably should have updated this sooner, but you can sue me if you really care. Anyway, went to dicky's as usual on tuesday, played some more with my camera after eating Raphael's cake, and in general enjoyed myself.

However, on thursday, I managed to explode the vinyl pipe leading to my shower head. Obviously, it had been setup by an amateur who thought that unbraided vinyl pipe was appropriate for use in a shower where people take showers at a temperature greater than 10C. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you should be using vinyl braid pipe or better yet, copper for those high temperature runs. Of course, I, being lazy, just cut out the offending section, and proceeded to use the same vinyl tube, after replacing the tube clamp with a new one that actually clamped.

Onto friday. I picked up a few bottles of an awesome champagne from century liquuor along with a few bottles of wine along with Raphael. I then went to Rockets and spun for a bit, and played some chess. I probably should be carefull playing chess, since I play by brute force. A 30 minute game is extremely draining, as I don't have the skill to open or analyze from experience. That, and I hate to loose.

Anyway, after rocket, I was able to borrow Dave and Chyna's shower (as I didn't get to fix it until today) before going to tonic to hear Marty McFly spin breaks. His track selection was pretty awesome, and people seemed to be having fun, although, the transitions were absolute crap. I'm not sure if the monitors were bad, or if he was too drunk, but I'm sensitive to transitions. I intensly dislike trainwrecks. Anyway, Dave, Greg, and myself had a great time on the floor, even though some people seemed to just want to stand around, oogle girls [or take pictures of them without film] instead of dance.

On saturday, I played pool with Hassan at Jillian's, and then proceeded to watch Escaflowne in a marathon. Mmm... Escaflowne. Folken and Dryden are quite awesome. [Yes, I know. I do look like Dryden.]

Today, I checked out snowboard boots at Gallyan's, fixed the shower, and kept reading the Glass Bead Game at a coffee shop near downtown. Exciting, no?