Freeze thawed nmr samples, and worked out some more of the details of the microarray analysis routine.

Looks like the baysian t-test analysis is really the way to go, and incorporates all of the things that we need it to incorporate. Of course, I'm still not totally satisfied, but at lesat I've got something that I can start with and go from there.

Z has been working on the grant that is due Feb. 1st like mad. Hopefully he'll get it completed sometime soon.

In a fit of madness, I managed to complete all of Idoru in a single laying (split between an odd bout of trying to sleep, which didn't come until 6A in the morning). Quite an interesting story, which once again got me thinking heavily about the second of two things that I have a great interest in, mainly the development of systems that enable knowledge to be codified, searched, linked, and noded. [The first is the modelling of biological systems in silico]. Dreams are all I've got for it right now, but eventually I'll start to implement some things that are more and more advanced.