For some unknown reason, I'm actually going to try and write down what I've done in a given day. (And hopefully what I've been thinking about.) I spent most of the first part of the day listening to discussions in bio200a about nuclear associated protiens, and then learned about cMyc and Mad<->Myc<->Max issues. I then got to hear from computing and communications briefly, while I was trying to codify my thoughts on a ideal form of government to replace the current system in this country. (I'm not succeding.)

I also went through and dealt with the PKC assay that was run on wednesday. Quite horrible, really. Not much that can be done about it but run it again. Then there were more e-mails to attend to and read the paper for the talk that I am giving on wednesday evening. (NO and NGF). One of these days I'll get the reference system working for my papers, so I can actually begin to remember what in the world I've read about these things scientificaly, but for now, I'll have to deal with my clearly inadequate brain.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I'm going to do once I'm out of grad school. I'll probably go into industry or something, but there are so many holes in my life to be taken care of before then. Maybe I'll be lucky soon, and some of the larger ones will be filled in. (I finished reading Aldris' Galaxies like grains of sand as well, and am working on space ship. Definetly not the most literary or science based SF writer, but occasionally he has interesting ideas that he sort of stumbles upon as if by accident.)