Finished reading the silmarillion by tolkien and radio albemuth by philip k. dick today. Also tried to fix the leaky tub facet in the shower/tub bathroom, and the leaky valves in the other shower.

Unfortunatly, my attempts at their replacement was a futile gesture, as it looks that they were improperly installed to begin with. (The bonnet is not accesible without a really oddly shaped wrench which I do not posess... if I had infinite resources, I imagine that I could modify a wrench to work, but I dont have said resources available.)

Angela wandered by also to pick up the rest of her stuff, now that she has found and moved into a place of her own.

I'm also trying to figure out exacly what to make of the new affymetrix algorithms that I have at my disposal. I gather that I'll wander through them some more sometime tomorrow, and hopefully come up with a semi-working analysis protocol.