Finished making an NMR sample today, picked up some stuff from target and kmart (new lamp, socks, etc) and also went to see spiderman, hung out at starbucks, and then went to sleep.

Spiderman was pretty impressive with relatively decent acting (albiet a bit rough in places) with appropriate level writing for the story, and awesome effects. For the most part, the webslinging looked pretty lifelike, although in a couple of cases they hid the shortcommings of their CG in darkness and quick cuts, which are annoying. The opening soundtrack was also a bit weak, and the remainder of the soundtrack was merely unobtrusive, pleasantly transparent, but not awe inspiring and momentous like we've come to expect from good orchestreal scores. (Although, I suspect Episode II will once again have a high quality score.)

Spent some time as well looking for a book called Permanent : Design is Kinky. Too bad amazon doesn't seem to have it in stock anymore. (What a bummer.)