I've been indulging a bit in one of my more intersting pastimes: looking at old dilapidated buildings, and buildings in various states of disrepair all around Rochester. There's something magical about buildings which have been abandoned whom the environment is slowly reclaiming brick and beam by brick and beam. This building is one on Cliff St. off Upper Falls Blvd. in Rochester, NY. which I ran across on saturday.

On sunday, I was comming back from Nate's barn below bristol mountain, taking a rather circuitous route back to rochester, when I passed through a town that I haven't been through before, called Honeyo Falls (Thanks Steve!), which has a small water fall that used to power a saw mill. All around the waterfall were little individually iced blades of grass and tree bits which had slowly build up a countoured layer of ice from the mist of the falls. Definetly pretty interesting to see arrayed on the ground and in the trees like mini stalagmites.

I then wandered around Rochester's High Falls, which I hadn't bothered to really look at before, even though I've played pool right by it on numerous occasions. There are quite a large number of industrial buildings in the area, and it seems that RG&E owns ever third one of them, and almost all of the ones facing the gorge. Regardless, it was definitely interesting to check out and see one of the larger waterfalls in an industrial area.