Well, it's now day four of my trip. Everything seems to be going well. I had pancakes for dinner tonight, with real live maple syrup, which hopefully will last the rest of the trip home. For some reason, my powerbook seems not to be charging off of the power supply in my car... I'll have to check that one out again... could be some polarity issue, or just the fact that square wave power doesn't agree with it.

Devil's Tower is really, really neat. The monument just raises out from nowhere like a gigantic pillar of hexagon shaped granite, almost like a gigantic Atari symbol. Quite a few touristas were around walking around the tower on the short trail... I ended up walking around the entire close trail, and then the farther loop... actually, when all is said and done, I hiked (well, walked really) almost all of the trails in the park in less than 3 hours.

Hopefully some of the multitude of pictures I took came out. The tower itself is really impressive, and I'm going to try to get a few shots when I drive out of this place.

Before I forget, on the way here I stopped at Wounded Knee, and briefly drove by the massacre site. Eventually I think I come back, but not until I have a better understanding of the events surrounding that event, and can appreciate it more. I drove a bit through the badlands, and saw some of the more interesting geological formations... some of those pictures ought to be worth looking at.

If I had actually wanted to, I could have gone through sundance, but I'm not so sure that I do... that film festival has completely overshadowed the town.

Anyway, the campsites here are pretty nice, the bugs have all been shot (or mostly so) and so long as the cows stay quiet, I'll be all right tonight. MOOOOO!!!!