Dealt with some more of the statistics involved in running a proper evaluation of microarray experiments, still not totally settled, but getting there. (Statistics really isn't my field, but I'm picking it up faster and faster.)

Talked with Mandee for the first time in quite a long time. Hopefully I'll get to see her tomorrow in LB or HB.

Wandered out with Paul to getaway for some beer and onion rings... pretty decent... lost to him at air hockey for the first time in quite some time. (My skills must be slipping... ;-)) Patrick was also at getaway, so I got to chat with him for a bit.. ought to get more in touch with the rest of the graduate scene instead of spending most of my life off doing my own thing. (It's not that I don't enjoy the company of other people, I just don't always go out of my way to seek it... and in a lot of cases, I need the time alone to sort out my own thoughts and remember who I am and what I'm doing.)

Going to go to HB to work on the fibonacci table again tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get its legs finished and put paint on it... but we'll see.