Started out the day with yet another meeting, this time on the gene discovery at socratech, and discussed how the samples are going to be labeled along with the assays that are going to be run.

I spent most of the rest of the day working with gene ontology and with the sample insertion portion of hemlock, with a brief break for lunch at Pelligrinos, which has probably the best collection of subs in rochester.

The [|LUGOR] meeting was at 7P EST this evening, and I was late to it as usual. heard a bit about apt-get for redhat (blech) and then discussed various things with different people before talking about using spamassasin with spamc|d and milters within sendmail.

Dinner at my appartment with ye olde standard chicken and rice before spending the rest of the night working on the diary system. I've decided to chuck out support for the mini calendars in the diary section since it was making the page generation crawl.

I also answered a bunch of questions on #debian before calling it an evening.

Tomorrow I'll be playing at the Rocket Cafe on 171 Monroe from 6-11ish along with Mighty, Kevin, and whoever else shows up before I head over to tilt for bliss. Not sure who is playing at bliss, but hopefully it will be good.