I continued my journey into the realm of attempting to label samples, and worked more and more on developing a technique to determine pathways or at least illuminate possible targets from a list of genes using gene ontology. crito, the SQL server spent most of the day crunching on a few million records that were entered into the database. Some of these are most likely duplicates, but hopefully I'll be able to figure them out sometime tomorrow.

After cooking and eating chorizo and eggs, I spent a little bit of time tweaking the new diary system for donarmstrong.com, which hopefully you'll be reading these entries from soon, and then wandered off to Dicky's. At Dicky's a group was starting to thspin old skool hip-hop/funk tracks before they started a live funk/jazz set that was pretty jamming. Dicky's is a nice intimate place, and it would have been nice to hear the crew on a real sound system, but still, it was definetly worth listening to.

I'm continuing reading the book of lost tales part one. Hopefully I get a bit farther into it before I cease thinking for this evening.